Defense Verdict for Vucinich and Rhodes

Jeff Vucinich, a founding partner, tried a six week jury trial in August 2015 on behalf of the
City of Hayward. The allegation was a defective bike path causing the plaintiff to be struck by a
vehicle and suffered brain damage. The vehicle owner that struck the plaintiff had minimal limits
and did not appear at trial. Plaintiffs at the conclusion of the case asked the jury to award
$13,850,000. On behalf of the City of Hayward, Mr. Vucinich asked the jury to award nothing. The
jury came back with a defense verdict for the City of Hayward. Thereafter, plaintiff appealed. The
appeal was handled by Partner Elizabeth Rhodes. She successfully argued the appeal on January 18,
2018. The Court of Appeals came back in favor of the City of Hayward, upholding the defense