Tort Litigation

CLAPP, MORONEY, BELLAGAMBA, VUCINICH, BEEMAN & SCHELEY  lawyers have successfully resolved tort matters arising out of:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • construction site accidents
  • slip and falls on private, public and commercial premises
  • municipal police liability
  • defective products
  • fraud
  • defamation
  • assault and battery
  • trespass and nuisance
  • landlord and tenant relationships
  • employment relationships
  • business relationships

In addition to understanding the multitude of legal theories available to bring or defend such claims, CLAPP MORONEY’s lawyers also understand the scope of damages and other relief available to an injured plaintiff or for one whose property has been damaged. Whether an incident gives rise to minor injuries, catastrophic injuries, death or damage to property, CLAPP MORONEY’s trial lawyers have the experience, perseverance and know-how necessary to successfully resolve these matters, whether on behalf of individuals or businesses.