The Trifecta

Chris Beeman and Team picked three juries in three counties over the last third of 2018.

A construction site injury trial (plaintiff was an inspector who almost lost his foot due to an exploding underground line) in Santa Clara settled favorably before opening statements when Paulo Kline Simon convinced the trial judge to exclude plaintiff’s seven figure diminution of earning capacity claim. No money was paid by our general contractor client. In Kern County, we substituted in three months before trial of a high speed motor vehicle collision case with conceded liability and a long-expired $1 million policy limits demand. With multi-million dollar life care plans and future lost wage claims black boarded for the spinal injury, Plaintiff asked the jury to award $6.3 million dollars. The net award to plaintiff was $460,000, with post-trial motions pending. Finally, with Adrianne Duncan as second chair, in Alameda County we defended a convenience store owner who was sued when a security guard shot and killed an unarmed Hispanic male over a parking dispute. The policy limits of $4 million were demanded pre-trial by the lawyers representing the surviving parents and son of the decedent, and in closing arguments the jury was asked to award at least $5 million. The net award to plaintiffs was a total of $690,000.

All told, the “asks” for these three cases totaled $15 million, and our clients ended up paying just over $1 million… A winning ticket!