Vucinich Throws a No-Hit Double Header!

After a four week jury trial, Founding Partner Jeff Vucinich obtained a defense verdict in Alameda County Superior Court on behalf of an East Bay municipality. Plaintiff claimed that he was injured while riding his bicycle across a highway overpass and was struck from behind by a motor vehicle. The road had been designated by the municipality as a bicycle route. Plaintiff claimed that the roadway was a dangerous condition and that the designation of a bicycle route across the overpass contributed to the incident. As a result of the incident, plaintiff sustained a severe brain injury. Plaintiff presented past and future economic damages of nearly $4 million and requested a jury verdict of $14.5 million. The jury unanimously reached a verdict in favor of our client, and found the driver of the motor vehicle 100% at fault.

Later that same day, the firm was pleased to learn that Jeff Vucinich had prevailed in a court trial that took place a few months prior, also venued in Alameda County. In this case, the buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction entered into a contract for the purchase of a home in a local Bay Area city. When the sale fell through, the Buyers sued our clients, the Sellers, for breach of contract; breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing; conversion; negligence; interference with tenants’ rights; and trespass. Through motion practice prior to trial, Jeff persuaded the judge to dismiss all of the plaintiffs’ claims except for breach of the implied covenant of good faith. At trial, Jeff used a combination of key documentary and oral evidence to argue that the Sellers did not act in “bad faith” in the performance of this contract. Jeff noted that the Buyers put on a compelling and sympathetic case and sought damages of over $875,000. The Court took the matter under submission and returned judgment in favor of the Sellers.

To top it off, Jeff also successfully obtained a dismissal by way of motion under the doctrine of qualified immunity for a local city Police Department that was sued for injuries caused by the accidental discharge of a weapon wherein the bullet struck an individual in the heart and remains lodged there to this date. The original demand in the case was $3,000,000. A motion to dismiss under the doctrine of qualified immunity was granted and recently upheld by the Federal Court of Appeals.

He is a Cy Young candidate